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These are the different roles in the system. Users of the system can be assigned one or more roles. The roles are also used in the different use cases.

Release Manager

The release manager manages the software configuration, linking artifacts to features and features to distributions.

Target Manager

The target manager manages the total population of targets and assigns them to target operators.

Target Operator

The target operator manages a (limited) set of targets designated to him by the target manager. He is responsible for accepting changes to the software configuration for those targets.

Remote Target Operator

Like the target operator, the remote target operator manages a limited set of targets.

License Manager

The license manager manages the relationship between the targets and the distributions.


The administrator manages the users, system settings, rights and security certificates for the whole ecosystem.


A target runs the management agent that is responsible for updating the target.


The server manages all the metadata that expresses what artifacts should be installed on what targets over time. It also contains an OBR for managing the actual artifacts.

Relay server

The relay server acts as a cache for the server. It synchronizes with the server and might only contain a subset of the metadata to service a subset of the targets.

Software Developer

The software developer provides artifacts that will be added to the OBR.